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Project Description
Decodes Polar HRM data into XML using the SonicLink interface and a microphone. Polar SonicLink also writes rides to a CSV file that is compatible with

Using your Polar Heart Rate Monitor with SonicLink and Windows you can conveniently download ride data into a usable format. You can then use your favourite cycling logging website and are not tied into the Polar webservice.

Currently fully decodes;
  1. Polar CS200 Polar CS200
  1. Polar CS200cad Polar CS200cad

Polar Sonic Link PolarSonicLinkInAction

I am looking to add more HRMs to decode but don't own any other HRM models. Are you a developer with a Polar HRM?

Developer Information

This spreadsheet shows how I went about decoding the byte values received over the SonicLink interface;

based on;

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